Phoebe Hoss

All Eyes: A Mother’s Struggle to Save Her Schizophrenic Son

All Eyes is the forthright story of a mother’s sixteen-year-long effort to bring her son through the ravages of schizophrenia, which broke upon him at the age of nine. At the same time, she writes of her equally committed effort to bring her daughter, five years younger than her brother, safely through the violence and stress of his life. Woven throughout is Ms. Hoss’s experience, good and bad, trying to get help from the mental health system. As Ms. Miller writes, “Her straightforward exhortations to the reader about the mental health system are so smart and sensible and without self-pity or anger.” In All Eyes, according to Dr. Yalom, the “extraordinarily heavy toll of a child’s illness and suicide on the entire family is portrayed elegantly by an extraordinarily fine writer.”

Harrowing as is the story of her schizophrenic child, this is, ultimately, the story of a woman’s quest for an abiding faith and of how she learned through psychotherapy to deal with her own frailties and limitations and to accept the consequences of being herself.

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All Eyes: A Mother’s Struggle to Save Her Schizophrenic Son
“A rare and poignant view of a mother’s life with a schizophrenic child.”
–Dr. Irvin D. Yalom, eminent psychiatrist

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